Wheel extension use on SC2 Pro

Is this kind of extension on the SC2 Pro okay for the base? Any negative effects, loss of feel? Pictured is the one 100mm extension, I will be using 75mm and 50mm exensions on my other wheels though and just want to be sure it’s okay.

The reason I don’t have a base extension is because I have many different diameter and dish wheels.
And the reason I want extensions om all wheels is because my converted for SC2 Fanatec V2 wheel can’t get any closer to the base and I like my wheels close anyway.
I know not to use too long of an extension as I saw Mika say that but is one 100mm, two 75mm and a 50mm okay. I don’t know if it puts negative forces on the base as I haven’t used it yet. Will the feel still be the same too?
Thank you.

I use a 100mm extension from Hybrid Racing Simulations attached to one of their Xero Play Quick releases and then the rim, works great.

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The only thing I would be worried about really is added wear on the QR as you are putting a lot of leverage on the QR that is normally designed to be up close to the wheel… If the QR were moved or relocated this would not be an issue.

The QR is solid metal. I cannot imagine what could go wrong here as long as you have it secured and pin’ned as intended.

To the OP: There are lots of examples of people using extensions here, just do a search. I for one use the 120mm one from Sim-Labs.

Load on motor bearings is the issue.

Just a note while true to a degree We have noted a lot of QR’s installed properly that have become loose just due to the forces of use. Minor wear and tear on the mating surfaces of the QR can cause play that shouldn’t be there and an extension on the wheel side will cause more leverage on these mating surfaces so that very well could be an issue… It doesn’t really matter if it is pinned as the two sides are not fully secured to each other (which is what a QR is in the first place)… But yes the other concern would be Lateral load on the Motor Bearings as servos are not really designed (bearing wise) for lateral loading so too much could wear the bearings quicker. Personally I would be more worried about QR play for a short extension than the bearing issue… I wouldn’t expect the bearings to be much of an issue at all (maybe in 10 years of use or so)

Cheers for the info Mika and bsohn.

Unfortunately the motor shaft + QR was too short for my setup. I was under the impression that industry grade motors are used and should be able to take some beating. But I also realize however that certain bearings ar not made to take forces in all possible directions.
I hope that using a moderate output of 10Nm will help the bearings to last for the proposed 10 years.

The 100mm extension from Hybrid Racing Simulations replaces the Simucube QR completely and has an adapter that bolts to the motor and then the extension bolts directly to that, it’s a great design and totally solid.

Ended up just buying a cheap 4" extension for each wheel rather than extending the shaft. So nice not smacking my knees on the front mount.


Hi there I’m looking at putting an 80mm extension onto the servo end so I don’t have to buy for all wheel rims. I’ve heard there is a different bolt pattern. Could anybody point me in the right direction of adapters to make it 70mm or a extension with the right pattern on it. Thanks

You will need 2 of these adapters:

One at servo tip to attach New spacer with 70mm patern. Then the other adapter at the end of spacer so you can attach the SQR motor side.


Hai there buddy, could you tell me a little more about these please? :heart: