Wheel does not hum and move on startup

Hi to everyone, i have had my 20nm osw for 2 years now and working flawless. Just a weird thing only happen today of this topic. When i turn my wheel on, it use to hum a bit and then turn slightly left and right and make that beep. Well all its doing now on startup is make the beep straight away. The wheel however seems to work fine. Have i got any problem with it or is it ok. I have the latest 0.50.4d firmware

What is the indicated maximum motor current on the Hardware -tab?

It’s always been on 10 A. I forgot to say, it was on 0.11.2 / 0. 11.2 10707 for most of its life until i decided to go to the very latest firmware as stated about 2 weeks ago, but just noticed it not humming and spinning slightly before the beep just this last day. Thing is, it seems to work ok and still got all my profiles and no notice in performance degrade.

Which firmware version did you update to?

I have the latest 0.50.4d firmware

I think i may have fixed it. I must have used the start automatic communication setup. I have just disabled previously set automatic communication settings and now its doing that little movement and humming before beep. Not sure if that was right but its as it was when i purchase from jed. All good now i hope

Yeah, if you do that commutation setup, it does not need to recalibrate / find motor phase position with regards to the encoder values. It is a benefit of an absolute encoder that it can be done.