Whats the best way to determine the right Peaking and Notch Filter?

Hi guys, i got some free days in about two weeks and i want to spend some time playing with peaking and notch filter to reduce oscillations with less inertia filter.

So i think i set all the filters to zero and try every possible frequency with random attenuation to see if it has an positive impact.

Would you say that this approach is correct or has anyone a better / more efficient approach?

There is no best way… this filter is insanely hard to set, IF you need it for oscillation control… Basically you have to set it while driving the car, Use a fairly deep attenuation and a reasonably wide range and then drive the car adjusting the frequency until it feels like you are reducing the area of the signal you want reduced… You can then narrow the Q factor to better pinpoint and adjust attenuation to where it just corrects rather than over cutting… One thing to note on this filter is that once set there will be a dip ANYTIME that frequency is used SO it can cause other issues in the way the FFB feels… i.e the feeling of a dead spot while turning through a corner… Or a lack of feel at certain times…

So basically in other words this is a last ditch effort filter and probably shouldn’t generally be used.

There is actually no NEED for it, i just want to experiment with it to clear if i can reduce my overall filter settings and how it feels then.

deep attenuation means raising numbers?
wide range means q factor?

It won’t really reduce your overall filtering unless you can really pinpoint the frequency… and that frequency changes from car to car usually… but yes Deep is Attenuation and Factor is width of the antiquated area around the frequency.

Yeah, it is difficult to tune. The Q factor: larger q factor, more accurate to that frequency.