What's new in Simucube2 manufactured after week 38/2020?

Hello! I just ordered the simucube2 Pro two weeks ago. I noticed that the latest true drive software(2020.10) added support for Simucube 2 Sport and Simucube 2 Pro manufactured after week 38/2020. Is there any changes in hardware with the new simucube2? Why the new manufactured simcube2 need to be supported again? Thank you very much!

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Some continuous improvements in hardware resulted in a necessary change in firmware this time. Older firmware versions will not start in this hardware version. This note was added to the change log in case anyone wants or tries to downgrade to much earlier version and would then see the device not starting up / firmware upgrade fail issue.

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Ok~~Thank your for your quick answer! What are the hardware upgrades to fix? For user, is there any performance and stability difference between the new manufactured one and the previous one? Is it necessary to wait for the new manufactured Simucube2? Thanks again! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Optimization due to issues in manufacturing and due to changes in component availability.

No difference.

I see~ I really appreciate your fastest and clearly reply!