What simucube hardware to purchase?

Hello all, I have a bunch of lenze motors (MCS12 and MCS09) that are available for osw projects. I just need the granite controller hardware and suitable encoder. I have meanwell 1000w, 48c power supplies. The person who can help the most with this, especially the encoder will get a free lenze motor (as is, where is).



Here is everything you need, I made this work log on German VR forums, please join there to access it.


Also, give me the full model number of the Lenze you’re planning in using, as certain models will be severely voltage limited on 48V psu…

You will also need to source a proper encoder to fit your Lenze servos, I am sure there were 4K/8k incremental models available for direct compatibility…


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Thanks Beano!

I will study your thread over a beer tonight.

MCS12L41 with sincos resolver…
MCS09H41 with sincos resolver…

these are higher 300v/4050rpm motors… i believe that the than the MCS12H15 is 300v/1500rpm. I assume this is what you’re referring to. Whats the effect of this on motor performance in a OSW application?

Any suggestions on a source of encoders for these? the MCS12 has a 10mm shaft at the encoder.