What should be the max current for Simucube 1, small Mige?

Hi guys,
New on the forum, but have been using the SC1 for about 2.5 years. Which brings me to my doubt :).

When I purchased the SC1 (from SRB), I followed all instructions and installed it myself. Everything worked perfect.
I have reinstalled windows couple of days back (after many many years), and when I plugged my SC, I now notice that in the same profile, the max current is 24.5A! Before the installation, it was at 12A (which I thought is the normal value). I am therefore a bit confused, what is the normal value/which one is safe to use?

(I really don’t remember if I did something to set it, 2 years ago…)

I have the Ioni Pro HC and a 480W PSU (please see below):

For small Mige, 12.86 A is the maximum recommended without “overdriving” the motor manufacturer specs.

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Thank you Mika.
As a measure of precaution (I tend to forget easily :slight_smile: ), can I “hard set” that value somewhere?

Before, the slider at max was at 12A, now (as in the pic above) it is going up to 24.5A.

On granity
Mcc at 10
Mmc at 12

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Can you post a screen shot of your Hardware Set-up tab? that should show what your IONI max Amperage is set to.

As Mika Said 12.86A will give you a Max Torque of 20.01Nm, SRB lowered their top output by putting the Maximum Amperage at 12A which limited the top torque to 18.67Nm.

If you run more A to the servo it will overdrive and work to some degree but at a point it will just cause Energy Burnoff in the form of Heat which isn’t really good on the Electromagnets (or the static magnets) in the Servo.

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Thank you for all the info guys. Here is a ss with the HW tab. (before my win reinstall, it was also at 12A).


Yeah, you probably supplied a new DRC file for Large Mige or something - the Maximum Motor Current does not change at all with a Windows reinstall.

Go to Granity and set the MMC to 12.86 A and MCC to for example 10.50 A.

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I did indeed upgraded the encoder to 4.2Mil using the supplied drc. Mistery solved >> weak user (I did not know it will affect it). hides in shame. Thank you all.

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you need the Small MiGE Biss-C settings–22 bit: 4.2 mil
cpr resolution

you must have accidentaly downloaded the large one

i told you that bec not only mcc and mmc are wrong when you loaded the wrong drc.

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If you want to open up all 20Nm you can use this .drc as well… this is the standard one I have posted over on iRacing…

10010_MAX_480w-48v_BiSSc(22bit).drc (9.2 KB)

actually Opps this would be the one to use with the SRB -

10010_MAX_unlimited-48v_BiSSc(22bit).drc (9.2 KB)

The other one with 480W has the IONI power limiter set to 480W but the SRB units have the SDR - 720w PSU so you will want the unlimited version