What Setting to reduce "instant" force?

Hey there,

unfortunately i suffered a not-so-light injury of a wrist, that caused me to stop with simracing for the last 6 months. Now i want to start again, but i need to adjust the FFB Settings in a way to avoid hard and immediate stress on the wrist.

Mainly I’m concerned with direct and hard direction changes like those in a collision.

What settings do I need to adjust here to still have a feel for the car?

I was driving my SC2 Pro in ACC with Gain @ 30% and the Settings from panky.

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I’m no FFB pro but I’d start by running the base at 75-50%, lower the slew rate as that will slow down the responsiveness and speed of the wheel (I think) and static force reduction to lower cornering forces

not sure about getting the feel to remain with the car… but first step would probably be to leave the ACC settings as is and then lower the SC2 force… You can also try as suggested the slew and as well higher smoothing may help… but both of these may alter what you feel from the car in a manner you don’t like

Slew Rate!!!
For SC2pro and Full FFB you should set it to 0,55 to 0,65Nm/ms.

Lower the max force delivered by the wheelbase - you don’t have to have it at max.

I tend to run between 6.5 and 8Nm depending on sim and then adjust the gain in game. This may introduce clipping of large forces, but in your case that’s a good thing.

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thank you all for the suggestions. i tried different ways and the best for me was to limit the slew rate and reduce the overall force alot.

Damping and inertia are helping me too, in addition reducing force and slew.