What piece should I change to update simucube software?

Hello! I bought a second hand open sim wheel that works with the MMOS software and I would like to play with the SIMUCUBE software, but the old owner tells me that he has a simucube card that can not be updated, but on your page (granitedevices.com) they sell the card that It is updatable. Could you tell me which is the specific piece that I should buy here to replace and be able to install the simucube software? my thanks in advance

There are less than handful of our preproduction Simucube 1 units that we shipped to a selected few people for testing back in 2016. They cannot be upgraded to utilize the Simucube firmware without a minor hardware modification. If you have the Simucube board at hand, those units have Simucube 1r003 printed on them, the 1r003 being the revision code that would indicate that it is preproduction.

Can you verify wheter or not this is the case?

Hello! thanks for your quick response! because I do not have it at hand because I have not received it yet, I have agreed and paid a signal but it is still not in my power, so I can not corroborate it and there are still a few weeks until I have it … but even so Can you explain what would have to change and modify to get an idea of ​​costs, or failing that if it is too much to leave it as it is bought? thank you

Hi, Lets wait for your unit to arrive first. It might be that it has a Simucube card, and it requires a slight change on some surface mount resistors.

However, I find it more likely that it does not have Simucube at all, and has a STM32F4 Discovery + IONICUBE setup instead. That can not be upgraded to utilize Simucube software due to missing much of the hardware that the firmware uses to communicate with IONI drive.

In that case, all you would need to do is to purchase the Simucube board from us, but there is quite a bit of rewiring of the internals of the unit involved.