What is this connector used for?

source by Sim Racing Garage Youtube: SC2 pro review

in my case SC2 pro

See the conector in red circles
At SRG’s SC2 pro has connected,
but my SC2 pro has unconected
What is this connector used for?

That is the servo-driver control board, as is on my Ultimate, you only have Ground, UVW phases and encoder connectors from the servo going to that board.

I don’t have anything in that connector either. The only thing I could think of was that it might be servo stator winding-temperature, not sure, but unless you have spare loose wires in the back of your servo, that isn’t being used. Do you have any loose wires in the back of your servo coming from the stator?

Stop fiddling, close it and race :joy:

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I can’t find loose wire
so Is this connector unnecessary?
I hope my SC2 pro has nothing problem

Just close it and race. It has been fine before, you got the 3 screws in securing the HID pcb, so all good.