Weight of the wheel and Rally steering wheel

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with the launch of WRC game I was a bit upset not having a round wheel at home. And curiosity took me into a place I have no knowledge.
In our simracing world has steering wheel any importance ? I mean the rim of course. Cause looking at buying a roud rim a rally version I got info that the top notch is a carbon one. My guess is the weight was the issue. Until I found out about wheel inertia. Is that a real thing in real racing ? And does it matter in simracing ?
With a hardware we use here is it possible to simulate a 0 inertia wheel ? Maybe its a stupid question but im curious if possible and how to.

And maybe some of you more into rally have any good rim to look for ?

The weight of the rim, its size and shape, the distance to the rotating shaft, all of it matters. Here, inertia is needed for very light wheels. It’s adding…well… inertia to the wheel.

A round wheel will slip through your hands, something a GT or formula won’t do. Rally wheels have also more radius. A smaller steering input will not change the direction as much as it does with a smaller wheel. So you can better control the car, which is constantly shifting weight, is at drift, is slipping while braking aswell as while throttling. Gravel, mud, sand, wet conditions, all will make it hard to not have spinning and locking.

If you could take away inertia: yes… but no :joy: a rim with 0 inertia that rotates would spin forever, would need a weight of 0 or a total absence of gravity must be given. Or you add so much friction that its amount overcomes an object 's inertia. I’m not totally sure if it is even possible. Maybe a patt situation, where both forces are equally strong??

Edit: I just checked on inertia and gravity. It’s complicated. Some say that there is no mass when there is no gravity and vice versa. Others say that this argument is moot, because even massless particles can have a gravitational field. So far so easy… now, surprisingly I kind of referred to Newton’s laws. If you add inertia and friction you use 2 factors which both make it difficult for an object to move and rotate


I recently bought the Simline/Sportline 320mm rim in leather for rally use. Its excellent quality and very comfortable with no stitching.

They only seem to have the suede version at the moment though.

Excellent rally rig mate, congrats! Perfect for RBR. What pedals you have? More photos? @John Bradbury, I was using 28, 30, 32, 33, 35 cm and the best for me is 33cm but everybody is different. Leather is better, longer live than suede.

Funny :joy: I have my new push pull shifter from them!! And I totally love the Hyundai steering wheel, absolutely beautiful. Fully assembled, Simucube QR and delivery to Switzerland it’s around 540 Euros. With the simline 320mm leather wheel, which should be available.

I contacted simline because of the push pull, which is out of stock. Received a reply that they have only 1 left.

Pedals are from BJ aswell

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Nice but you need the clutch! Even in WRC cars drivers using sometimes the clutch.