Warranty Registration?


I’ve just bought a brand new SC2 Ultimate from a local distributor, but the official receipt has no serial number, and the distributor said it’s because there’s no serial number on the unit itself!

So how do I proof that this unit is bought from this distributor (in case it needs repairing in the future)? Is there any online warranty registration need to be done?



Is it really so that there is no serial number at the back of the unit? Where did you purchased it? The product package does not have the serial number outside of the packet, which is why it the distributor does not mark it to the invoice as they would need to open the packet which they likely prefer not to do.

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Actually after unboxing it, I did find the serial number. So all good now. Thanks.

Surprised that the distributor didn’t know about this and told me otherwise. It’s not the first time the distributor gave misleading information. I do hope you guys can add more distributor in Asia, so customers here can have some choices.