VSD-E, Dual DC. Resolution issue

I’m running two dc servos on one VSD-E drive. X- and Y-axis on my small CNC router.
Do I sacrifice resolution when operating in this mode, as opposed to having two separate drives? I’m getting these jagged edges as seen in the picture. Mach3

Hi! It looks like quite typical cutting tool chatter caused by machining vibrations. Is there way to identify whether it is the case, or if it really originates from the drive?

At least the VSD-E DualDC mode should not have such resolution compromise. Both axis are independently controlled at 2500 Hz real-time system, just like the drive does in single axis mode.

Hi Tero, and thank you for your response!
Well, the ”imperfections” seen in the picture are 100% reproduceable. The small pocket was cut in just 0.5mm depth increments, and for each depth it follows the exact same jagged pattern. At least it’s good to know that it’s not a drive resolution issue.
This g-code is from Fusion 360, but I’ve tried other software with the same result.
I have ballscrews with a bit high pitch, 10mm, and direct belt drive. 1 motor revolution is 10mm travel. Not the best setup…

Well, thank you for your interest in this. Any help appreciated!

Ah, that’s interesting. I hope you find the source of it :slight_smile: