VSD-E and VSD-XE OSW direct-drive racing simulation steering wheel DIY for help

About VSD-E and VSD-XE
I want to use OSW to directly simulate the steering wheel of a car
Unfortunately, I do n’t know how to wire and set up
0: I have two VSDs here, but I do n’t know how to wire
1: How to connect STM32 and servo motor
Hope master guidance
2: I have not bought STM32
I just want to test whether the servo motor is easy to use
Thank you!

Hi, better to buy something like the Simucube with Ioni Pro to make an OSW.

Those VSD’s are many years old devices, I used them around 2014 to make first OSW, but I doubt I have the schematics anymore, I also cannot find basic information anymore on Granite Devices wiki either.

So best to start directly with Simucube, it will be much easier, but also, much better.


I know Simucube is simpler
I also want to buy Simcucbe and Ioni Pro
Unfortunately, the expensive shipping cost to China

VSD these two used items I bought in China
Thank you very much for your reply
Thank you!

About you made OSW direct drive using VSD in 2014
Do you still have a wiring diagram?


Since the website does not exist anymore, anyone knows where to find these guides nowadays? :slight_smile:

site racingfr.net tout sur MMOS2014