VRS DFP -> SC2 Pro

Hi Guys,

I posted on here a little while back trying to decide whether to get a SC2 Pro or a VRS DFP. After much debate I went for the later - with it getting good reviews, being cheaper and many folk saying minimal difference, especially if never used a DD before.

However, I’m not that impressed, the force is greater, but there isn’t as much fidelity or (at least for me) ability to feel weight transfer etc. Going over rumble strips I get vibration but nothing like some reviewers say with feeling the individual strips. I have been quite disappointed, and that is coming from a G29. I have had advice from the VRS discord so happy that my settings are good. I almost exclusively drive iRacing and haven’t used irFFB.

I am now thinking of buying an SC2 Pro to compare and keeping the better one.

Is this a stupid idea?
Is it likely to be me not appreciating the FFB, of FFB not being as wow as people make out?
Anyone made this change & if so, what was your experience.

Many thanks, a rare disappointed DFP owner!

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I only have experience with the SC2 in respect to DD’s, and I’m very happy with it.
But at the same time, I sometimes read people describe things they feel through their wheel that I have never felt, even when using their settings.
So it’s not just a matter of picking the right wheel with the (for you) right settings, but I guess it also comes down to how sensitive you are for details and/or how much fantasy you have :wink:


I haven’t had direct Use of the VRS DFP… but there are some things regarding iRacing FFB that are issues no matter which wheel you would use… and it mostly has to do with the power at the wheel from the game… Because this is Granites forum and comunication would be about the DFP… if you want to email me direct I will go over a few things that could possibly help support@penguinrc.com.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

All these things are so subjective.

I think it still comes down to two questions:

Does it give you good immersion?
Does it give you good feedback to help you understand what the car is doing?

Those two very possibly contradict each other with certain people.

One thing for sure, those who bang on about it not being “real” enough are never going to get the immersion because they’ll always have half their brain shouting at them “but it doesn’t feel like I think it should!”


I have the SC2pro and i can confirm to you that i can feel every little detail on the surface of the road. But this depends heavily on the sim title and the settings. Even if VRS is a cheaper product, still it is a DD wheel with a well tested motor and i am pretty sure that it should give you a very nice fidelity and feeling. Having seen a lot of people settings in the SC community i can tell you that most of them are fundamentally different, but for a reason for each and every user, these are the best ones…The bottom line is that each and every one of us has a different feeling and expectation on FFB. So, i would just say to you especially if you are new to DD wheels, to read as much as can on the settings/filter (both sim and the DD software) and experiment with them as much as you can. For me, for sure there must be something off with your settings and you will have to figure it out…

coming from a Podium I couldn’t believe how smooth the SC2 was even completely turned off, and that HAS to make a difference. It certainly did compared to the podium base, at low speed its stupidly smooth.

In comparison the mige motors you can literally feel the magnet notches when you spin it turned off. its obviously compensated for when running, but its obvious that it wont be able to do the same fidelity as a result

totally agree though that its all subjective. some profiles I download amaze me how anyone ever drives with them. in the effort to find more detail they have ridiculous oscillations for example.

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Hi, I don’t want to start any arguments here and I understand your comment about the notchy feel but as I’ve worked with motors all my life I’ve learned that typically speaking (mechanical issues aside) that the feel of a motor disconnected from any excitation current or driver will only present coincidental parallels to its operational performance. There are a few exceptions but not servos like used in the Simucube and osw, dfp sim wheels. It may be that the dfp isn’t quite as smooth as the SC2 but it won’t be something determined by how it feels when switched off or disconnected. A brushless dc motor is a perfect example, lots of cogging evident in a stationary finger test without its controller functioning, enable a quality control for it and you’ve got yourself a very smooth and very controllable rotor that can generate massive power for its size or turn gentle enough to run a small clockwork gearset. I’m happy with my Simucube 2 but didn’t want to see the DFP shown to be inferior with a statement that is well intended but not exactly an accurate way to compare. No offence intended by the way, we ask learn from each other in these forums and I enjoy the reading and learning :slightly_smiling_face:

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I search for topics where I can get information between different DDs
I am very interested in the rest of this story, but as always, there is no continuation.
Finally, I would like to decide which direction to go with v2.5
DD1, VRS DFP, SC2 Sport, SC2 PRO

drnat08, you stayed with VRS DFP, did you exchange for SC2?


I stuck with the VRS wheel base in the end. I think the biggest part of the issue was I wasn’t used to a DD & expected too much.

I have gradually increased the wheel force to around 60% (12Nm) and the fidelity is really good & I don’t regret buying!


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VRS is already with me.
I admit that the transition from the Fanatec database is difficult, it is about configuration options, I do not understand what to set up to meet my expectations. I suspect iR is cool, but I am not playing the game and can’t test it.

For this I use ACC
I have a problem, I feel great with the Porsche Cup 2017, GT4 AMR at Donigton Park, but when I switch to Panorama Mount and MCL 720, I have a problem to control the car, the forces generated by the base are too great for me.
I don’t really understand what to change to feel as good as with the previous tour and the cars, but without losing any of the impressions. I just need to diminish the very force that is working on me.
Am I to understand that I should create a profile for each car and track?
How should I navigate the VRS, it is a novelty for me in which it is difficult for me to find myself.
If someone is already away, please share your settings.
Donington Park, Porsche Cup Gt4 AMR
VRS-Max Force 100%
VRS - Smoothing 4
ACC- Gain 35%
ACC- DD 100%
ACC- 222Hz

I have used a few different motors (Mige, Lenze, Kollmorgen) with the SC1. The differences in fineness and dynamics are clearly noticeable at the same power.

Also, the Simucube reconstruction filter and static force reduction is really helpful in terms of finesse and fidality.

PS: my recommendation for ACC is 333Hz ffb