Vive Pro dropping out when Simucube is on

I just received my simucube from HRS and I’m having some problems with my Vive Pro.
When the Simucube is off my Vive runs perfectly without any issues, however when the Simucube is running my Vive basically turns off (icons in SteamVR turn grey, including the base stations even though they’re still on).
I managed to get one lap around a track in iracing but it was constantly flashing the grey screen and finally just turned off all together.
Some people have said that they need a separate PCI usb card to supply enough power so I have ordered one online, however I was just wondering if anyone had any other ideas to get it working?

My rift stopped working with connection error when I got my simucube. I bought a inateck pci usb 3.0 card and it sorted the problem. Simucube must be quite hard on the usb port and sucks all up the bandwidth. Try swapping usb the usb ports about.

Thanks mate. Tried moving all my USBs around but I think I’ll just have to wait for the new card. Thanks

Put your Vive on a usb3 port and al the other simcube, pedals, shifters on USB 2 when you have the connections you can buy a breakoutplate with 4 USB for 12 euro and connect to your mainboard USB 2 header then you have 4 extra USB 2 Ports
The Vive Pro is same as samsung Odyssey and requeres full bandwidht from de USB 3 the best you Can do connect only your headset to usb3
Its not the way but works verry wel!

I had the same problem and tried several combinations of USB ports. I did make things better, but there were sill issues. The final solution for me was the following: Connect the power cable from the Simucube to a different socket than the computer and Vive. Now it works fine!

There might be a fix for this in the SimuCUBE firmware version.

Thanks Mika, your stil on it!