Violent oscillations at bumpstop when using irffb

I have been experimenting with the sop effect on irffb and I like it a lot. Problem is when I enable irffb, and I hit my bumpstop, my wheel oscillates violently. This happens whether im in a crash or just stand still in neutral and turn my wheel to the bump stop, when it approaches it starts to vibrate. Changing the setting steeringBumpStop_Deg to 100 in app.ini does nothing WHEN USING IRFFB. Without using irffb, that setting works perfectly. IRFFB seems to bypass the app.ini. Has anyone solved this issue? I have tried disabling and uninstalling vjoy, trying direct mode and 360hz mode, and changing the reconstruction filter between 1,3, and 5, and nothing seems to help. I suppose if there was an alternative to feel the “Sop-like” affect on my simucube perhaps with filters, without irffb I’d be all for it.

It is probably a bumpstop that is generated by iRFFB. Hopefully someone would develop that further.

Soon: Not dead! :wink:

Same issue here, good to know that it’s just irffb. Any ideas on how to tune it out? I run high FFB and it actually hurts hitting it too often.

Did you find any way to reduce it?

I started running it without vjoy and using 360 interpolated at the recommendation of someone else I know with an SC1, and that seems to have worked. There is supposed to be more latency without vjoy but I don’t really notice.