Very Low FPS after installing new True Drive

I installed the latest version of True Drive and with that the updated firmware. After that, all my Sim Games are stuck at less than 20 FPS. I downloaded other non-racing games and they work just fine. I also downloaded RFactor2 which I had never owned and the same issue happened. Is it possible that this issue is caused by the True Drive software.
It’s pretty clear that only games with Force Feedback are affected: AC, ACC, Dirt Rally 2, RF2.
I normally have 100+ on all but ACC which I get 80 on average.

Maybe try this to see if it is true drive. Choose the profile for the game you want to play then close true drive as it doesn’t need to be open after you’ve selected a profile. Then you should be able to tell if it is true drive causing the issue

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Is it possible that the base could cause the issue ??
I’m just running out of ideas after hours of troubleshooting to no avail.

Unlikely that wheel base could cause this in any way. Try to run a benchmark or game without the wheel base on to test?