Very Frustrated with Simucube 2

There are so many amazing driving simulation games out there and yet simucube 2 is not compatible with so many of them. Simucube 2 is like an amazing car that you can only drive it on a Sunday. I do not understand why simucube cant be like Logitech wheels that supports a lot of these amazing games. I wish i did more research before buying this product. At this point, i would even consider just buying a Logitech G29.
Simucube has amazing force feedback, its an amazing wheelbase, but what’s the point when you cannot use it to play so many amazing games out there. Very Frustrated.

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what games because my simucube 2 plays all the current racing/driving games out there, AC, ACC, raceroom, iracing, automobilista 2, euro truck, american truck, forza/horizon, beam ng, f1 2020/2021…

what exactly is not playing? its almost certainly a very old game which does not have great wheel support or a game that’s trash on a wheel anyway, there is usually always a work around to make it work if it isnt working ‘‘out of the box’’ like setting up a custom controller and simply mapping the wheelbase to the game.

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Completely unsupported games that we know of, are only the Forza games. Then, the City Car Driving has some issues. We have tried but haven’t been able to to get into contact with the developers of either of these…

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Although as an SC2 owner for the last 2 years I would love for it to work on all games, i realized that this cannot be the case. Most of the games that do not support it do not have the fidelity, FFB detail and physics to run properly on a Direct Drive.These are a lot better and a lot more enjoyable with a g29 for example. I have managed to make Forza work (properly i think) on my SC2 but i soon realized it did not make any sense and was a waste of time because the FFB signal is lacking all those things that you want a DD for. So there is no point anyway. There are plenty of sims that make good use of this wheel.