Very bad noise on brand new SC2 pro


Just today received my new SC2 pro . After 5 minutes of play motor started doing this noise :cry: Damn… I even sold my CSW 2.5 and waited for this for soooo long …

Bought from Simracingbay

Thats unfortunate and very strange.

Can you assertain if the sound is coming from front or the rear of the unit?

Front .

And I can feel the metal scratching against metal. Getting resistance from time to time .

Front sound could be coming from the black hub actually touching the motor. Can you try to service that? Instructions on how to take it apart and re-reassemble can be found here:

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I think it’s what Mika suggested. Take off the quick release and re-assemble. It definitely doesn’t sound like a motor sound, just something rubbing.

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It’s outlined in the sim racing garage video by Barry as well - very easy to re-assemble the dovetail cap

@kermps Here is the video that @jpmotorsport mentioned. It will give a nice visual guide if you aren’t feeling confident about taking it apart.

The disassembly starts at 8:30:



Thank you for replys. I dont know why I wrote yesterday evening that sound coming from front… Probably evening and totally confused. This morning I was examining it more precise and this grinding sound is coming from exact this location .

Its definately not the QR part. Sorry for the confusion.

Even though the sound might seem as if it’s coming from rear, I’m wondering if that grinding noise is being transferred from the front to the rear?

I could be totally wrong about that but I’m thinking that it could still be worth you removing the front boss so that you can rotate the main shaft to confirm it.

With the consent @Mika of course :slightly_smiling_face:

If you watch the video carefully it’s not making the sound at the same point all the time. I would suspect either a screw has come out and rubbing on the armature or a piece of magnet has broken off. More than likely a screw or washer rubbing. He should be able to pull on the qr and turn to see if the problem is on the qr end. That’s presuming there is a few thou of end float on the motor shaft. Just my thoughts after watching the video, probably wrong. Hope it’s an easy fix for you.

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I am willing to bet the noise is from the split-bush not tightened properly and as a result, causing a slight wobble in the hub. Loosen the front part of the dove-tail /quick release part, remove it.

Then, use an Allen-wrench to snug up the bolts on the split-bush in a cross-wise fashion, maybe 5-6 iterations.

There really isn’t anything back there that will cause a scraping noise, unless the encoder is faulty, which I doubt.

Let us know what you find,



Any news on this @kermps?

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I just received a new Simucube 2 Pro today and noticed that I have a very similar noise inside the chassis that OP had though not as loud.
I don’t feel any mechanical scratching when rotating the shaft and only noticed the noise after a game session. I also checked QR closely and don’t think it is grinding. The noise can be heard at about the same angle every time I rotate the shaft and the faster I rotate the shaft the louder it gets.
What should I do? Should I try to reinstall QR?

Edit: removed the QR, noise is still there, I hear it louder from the back.
Here is a short clip of the noise

Here is a litter bit better video clip the noise isn’t very loud, and it is hard to capture with a phone camera unfortunately.
I don’t have problems with the FFB so far nor do I feel any mechanical grinding.
The noise is coming from the inside and sounds louder from the back, maybe from the encoder?
I would like to know if this is normal or should I be worried. I’ve created a support ticket but there was no answer so far.
Maybe @Mika can comment on this?

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