Using RLS BiSS Encoder for Simucube: Questions


I am looking to upgrade my setup to BiSS and was thinking of using Granite recommended ( Orbis BR10DCA14B12BD00 by RLS. This should work okay with Simucube??

If so, I also had a question about the part number listed by Granite. It will not show up on RLS website?? The closest I can get by using their product configurator is BR10DCD14B******.

In the configurator, after selecting “BiSS C”, the “DC” is populated in the part number. The next choice only lists one option. This is under “Communication Protocol Variant” and the only selection gives me the “D” in the my part number. “D” is for “5 ACK bits, bidirectional”.
I am concerned that this may not work? I was unable to find any combination of options that would make for the “A” in Granite’s recommended part, and have no idea what the difference would be?

Please forgive my ignorance, this is all quite new to me!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


For what motor do you want a biss encoder?
If for a mige motor order the Biss C from Tomo at simracing bay. It includes everything you will need.


Thanks Joe, but I have a Kollmorgen I purchased on ebay. I did a really low cost build. Been using it for the last year and a half with a cheap CUI 2048 ppr encoder. Its awesome, but I’d like to see how much better it would be with proper encoder!


Reach out to Davy Watts at simtronix in Canada. He may still have a few.
If you can not find him let me know and I will dig up his contact info.

They were the more expensive than the mige though, but once you see one you will understand why that cost more. :slight_smile:


Thanks Joe I appreciate the information! Unfortunately I am out of my league with this Sim Racing stuff price wise. My current encoder was $40, and I’m looking at around $100 for the RLS unit. That’s about all I can justify spending at the moment!


A few people have used the BISS C that we use on the miges for AKM.
you need to make a custom backplate and a tapered adapter.

Are you in the USA?


Thanks Joe I really appreciate your time. Getting the RLS mounted would be much simpler task as its more of a universal style. I’m 90% certain it will work, was just hoping someone like Tero would be able to confirm it for me. Perhaps I should PM him?

I am located in Canada.


Hi Josh,

Could you send me a link to the encoder you are thinking of using?
I still have a few AKM servos here I would like to convert.

Sure you could try to PM Tero. Probably better to email support at Granite devices. I would be patient on the response as the boys are working extra hard to get SC2 launched.

Talk soon,


Yeah, work is extra hard indeed. If I had a datasheet of the original encoder that we’ve tested at hand, then perhaps it would be easy to give a yes/no answer. Perhaps they have discontinued some models for some reason.


This what I am thinking of using; A version of this was tested with Ioni, so I imagine it would work? Definitely a cost effective solution. Mine had a brake that I had to dismantle, so I have lots of room to custom mount encoders.


Thanks for replying Mika, I realize you are super busy. I may just give it a shot, and report back. The new part number seems to meet the requirements for BiSS C still? I’d imagine it would still work.


Did you by any chance got that encoder and if yes , did it work?