Using profiles from Sport/Pro on Ultimate?

Hi everyone, what is the best way to use profiles originally created for Sport or Pro bases, to then use on the Ultimate?

Usually I’d reduce Overall Strength by 20% if using a profile originally created for a Pro base as the Ultimate has roughly 20% more torque available.

How about other settings like damping, friction and inertia? Is there a measurable difference between the bases in terms of these settings?

It would be really useful if TD could do some type of conversion when importing profiles created for different bases.

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If you add 20% because the amount of total torque is Fe 20% higher than the maximum torque of a sport/pro you could end up overshooting. THEORETICALLY the torque of a Sport/Pro could already be the maximum torque suggested/best. I don’t know for sure if friction/damping Aso is something you can upscale, I doubt that (maybe @Mika or @Andrew_WOT do know this). I also don’t think that there is a ratio "best friction is linear to max torque. Again, some skilled members sure know better than I do.

I have been removing 20% from profiles used on the Pro base, not adding.

I have an Ultimate, which is roughly 20% more powerful.

I was wondering if there was some type of formula to use to enable a direct conversion from a profile intended for another base to be used on the Ultimate.

I’ve found this which is a 20nm base vs 25nm. Not sure if this will help you though

VRS_FFB_iracing_table_20nm.pdf (286.6 KB)

iRacing_Force_Sync_1.pdf (174.6 KB)

Interesting question: I digging in the dark but try to use a bit of logic (sure some will claim that I’m not very skilled at it. Among them some relatives, so you better get a 2nd opinion anyway):
Torque from a Pro and a sport will be handled the same way to the moment where the Sport clipps. There the difference is in the amount of torque available. Both have the same dimensions, processor and architecture are identical.
If there is linearity within the filters is a different question. This is where the Ultimate does not only have a wider range of filters but also treat data different. If I remember good @SuperMonaco_GP was very happy with his Sport but not the amount of torque available. He went for a Pro. He is very experienced, has very good technical skills and driving experience. He sure can provide more information and details.
I myself don’t think that everything else can be treated as a linear curve, data will change progressively.
I am maybe just stucked when I say: a A car like an RSS formula 1 2021 will have a different FFB (same track, same FFB settings, based on:
Weight of steering wheel
Dimensions of the steering wheel
Material used for the steering wheel
Driving with neck FX and RHM
Maybe even use of camera (cockpit, like I do).
Rig: since I have a Simrig Pro PSR1 I can use literally whatever force I want. It’s rock solid.
To make a long story short: I very much doubt you can converse profiles in any direction

Not really, the PRO has more depth (2cm) so more mass, It can make a difference when dealing with Constant Operated filters

Correct, my fault. But the result still would be that it’s not possible to use profiles 1 to 1 by linear reduction of torque only.

The motors themselves are pretty close in feeling, but of course not identical. And the torque level is different of course. That doesn’t mean that the general characteristics of the profiles would be so different that one wouldn’t be able to use them interchangeably for comparison purposes etc.

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