Using IONI to feed an servo motor driver with +- 10V

I have an CNC milling machine that runs on 2KW AC servos.
Unfortunately this machine has no ballscrews and therefore there is some amount of backlash.
To improve the accuracy I mounted some incremental differential linear glassscales to the machinetable.
Now I nee an velocity PID regulation between the glassscales and the servo driver input commands.
Is it possible to feed step/dir or cw/ccw signals into an IONICUBE let it make the velocity PID regulation an sends out ± 10V or step/dir signals to feed the servo driver.
Thanks for help
Regards Bobe

IONI and IONICUBE support the setpoint input methods described here:

Ok thank you now I`m clear abut the inputs.
What abut the outputs.
The IONI can directly drive an motor but I want to use my own motordriver.
So I need the IONI to send an output like ± 10V that my motordriver understands as an input.

IONI does not have a 10 V differential output driver circuitry, so only the option is a custom firmware with a PWM output and external circuitry that would include an additional low-pass filter to make it -10 to +10 V analog signal.