Use Simucube as a servo motor

We are considering using Simucube as the FFB motor in a driving simulator for research purposes and we’d need direct access to write torque references to the servo driver and read encoder feedback. We have already done that using directInput API, but we’d like to move our development to Linux.
I read in another thread that some people have used SimpleMotionV2 api to do that. I’d like to know:
1- whether that is possible with Simucube 2
2- What kind of control bandwidth and loop frequency we could get
3- What interfaces are available to connect to the device
Many thanks

Unfortunately it is not possible with Simucube 2, and we are not planning to add support for it.

If you utilize the X4 USB port on Simucube 1, you are likely able to get around 2 Mbps transmission on the simplemotion bus - the limit is the FDTI USB serial chip’s maximum baudrate. This way you would be getting at least 600 Hz torque command update rate when using FastUpdateCycle methods in Simplmotio library.

The X4 USB port shows up as a COM port, and the protocol is SimplemotionV2.

Thank you very much Mika
Simucube 1 seems to be discontinued, judging by your website.
Are there any official suppliers, preferably in the UK, where I could find a unit ?
In case I cannot find a Simucube 1, I should be able to pair a Granite device controller with a motor of my choice to get the same functionality. Do all Granite devices controllers support SimplemotionV2 API?

Simucube is still available in our store:

However, we do not have any concrete plans on what to do when the current production batch runs out.

Yes, all do support that.