USB Problems With simucube Sport 2

I Upgraded My pc With new msi z690 pro A motherboard and I7 12700k. Since than i have Problems With my simucube 2 Sport. Sometimes iracing crahses. At First i didnt know why. Yesterday the simucube lost connection to pc without iracing crashing. Devicemanager Shows me an usb failure, usb device Not connected. When i unplug simucube usb und deinstall the defekt usb driver and Plug in usb again, the failure appears directly. I have installed Windows new. Tried different usb Ports, made bios Update… do you think the motherboard is defect? With My old i9 9900k Platform i hadnt such Problems. Sorry for my Bad english

Hi Ldoni,

I’ll try to help you but i’m not sure if it will work. I had similar failures with my VR glasses.

Go to devices administrator (system pc properties) and select USB ports. Inside, you can see several tabs. Choose energy administrator. Uncheck " Allow the pc turns off the device to save energy". Repeat with all usb ports.

Maybe the energy configuration is disconnecting your usb if it thinks you are no using the device or something.

Good luck!


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Equivalent setting is to turn off “USB Selective Suspend” in your windows power options.

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