USB devices disappear when plugging in new USB devices (?)

Sometimes I’ll fire up a sim and my wheel or pedals won’t register. Thankfully this is rare.

But it seems to come down to plugging in new devices, like usb thumb drives, and then sometimes my wheel or pedals won’t show up.

Usually I have to reboot to get the devices to register again.

Is there some common issue with usb and a limit to devices or something like that?

I have a lot of usb devices plugged in, more than 10 anyway, and a pcie usb expansion with one device plugged in, so there’s a lot going on, admittedly.

Just hoping maybe other people have experienced this and know what’s going on.


Turn off usb selective suspend and see if that helps

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If it happens after plugging/unplugging new USB devices or changing USB ports it might be related to Windows USB enumeration. Some titles keep mapping to device ids, which can drift when this happens requiring remapping.

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Thanks I’ll take a look at that

Turns out this was already off :confused: