USB bandwidth required for SC2

Hi guys, I have seen a couple people talk about the SC2 requiring quite a bit of USB bandwidth. Is this true? I thought all the heavy lifting happens after the USB interface inside the controller. My only usage will be iracing.

Am i good running it from a USB3 hub along with a keyboard and mouse? Its being fed via an USB3 expansion card i use for my oculus cameras so it that port is exclusive to the USB3 hub and should be feeding it with plenty voltage.

It is not a bandwidth requirement as-is, but a issue where some cheapest USB hubs have difficulties. Also, there is a tendency of Windows turning on the power saving for USB hubs. Also, if there are 7 ports in the USB hub, and even if there is an external power supply, there is no promises that all hubs can manage 7 devices on that hub.

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I had tons of problems with hubs, this is the only one that I found works properly. I have it about 60% utilized with keyboard, mouse, ProSimu 5DOF motion rig (requires two USB), Thrustmaster Stick, Thrustmaster HOTAS, HPP Pedals OR crosswind flight pedals, Sim Racing Studio wind kit, SC2 Pro, XKeys XK-40 keypad, and a few other things I can’t recall off the top of my head. It has two USB 3.0 connections back to the PC.

Have had zero issues with it so far, I did notice it was important to plug-in one device and let Windows detect it (if it’s the first time it was connected to the PC) before you plugin another device. Windows gets confused if too many things get plugged in at the same time. They can be plugged in rapidly once drivers are on the PC.

P.S. I know it’s not cheap, but I had to return $130 in various hubs that didn’t work, and I won’t run out of ports with this (I hope)