Updating from mmo's to simucube

Hi , i try to update from mmo’s to simucube but the program stop working at this moment .

Any idea why it doesn’t work ?

Here to see wich firmware is installed on ioni .

We need to check what that means. Can you temporarily remove the translations directory and try again?

The program doe not answer and still like this .

This is how in the granity software it is . If you need more screen just ask .


Hmm, interesting. What type of system do you have, etc?

It is on windows 10 family 64 bits.
It’s a small mige motor with 40000 encoder

Which motherboard and usb port on that motherboard?

Motherboard : MSI Z170 gaming m7 .
And all is on a HUB USB because the PC is a bit to far but the HUB is on 3.1 usb

You could try without the hub. Also make sure you don’t use the ones from the asmedia controller.

Now it look like this https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/24/1/1528670782-unknown6.jpg

Don’t now what you mean with asmedia contrloler X3 ? X3 was unplug at this test .

X3 has to be plugged in.

USB 3.1 on that motherboard is the bad Asmedia USB3 controller. SimuCUBE is by far not the only device that has issues with it.

Attached a picture of the manual on that motherboard.

Thanks that works .With moving the usb cable it works , update is made need to try in game .

If you are out of usb you could buy one of these or similar ofcourse https://m.ebay.com/itm/Dual-Mainboard-9Pin-Header-to-4Port-USB-2-0-Female-Cable-PCI-Bracket-AD-L2/182950335843?epid=1949344881&hash=item2a98b09563:g:qCAAAOSwBkRaKP4~ and hook it up to the connectors of your motherboard.

Thats the one I use to but one thing the left over USB 3 Ports on the mainboard please do not connecting loadcels to it if you have them!!!
Nothing else then trouble put loadcels on USB2

The usb bracket helps if you want to connect keyboard mouse stick etc if you dont have any spare on the back panel