Updating firmware and True Drive from 2020.7

So, I’ve happily been using firmware and True Drive 2020.7 for years now. Anything I need to be aware of updating to latest?

I realize this has the whole shared profiles etc…


The TD releases, together with all the changelogs, can be found here:


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You need to export your existing profiles one by one before update so you can import them back.
They are not stored onboard anymore and use external binary format files located in
c:\Users\<userId>\Documents\Simucube 2\cachedprofiles

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Also well hidden under Other Settings very useful “Use offline mode by default” option

Thank you for your input.

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A very huge part of our fellow simracers is online when here, in the Granite Devices community, but always!! offline when in True Drive.

There were some reports about unfortunate misdemeanors like identity theft, data collecting or crypto exploits circulating. I’m happy to say that this is all trash talking and finger pointing. On the other hand it’s clear that one has to make a living from something, you know.

With pride I can assure you: all these security breaches were on purpose, and not the result from poor, cheap pseudo security software/antivirus

While TD could MAYBE be described as notorious for such knick-knacks, the Granite community is absolutely safe.

We are here for private reasons like gambling… sorry gaming!!

So here: online, in TD: OFFLINE


Can you point me where such concerns have been raised with regards to True Drive Paddock system?

You can’t take this for serious, can you.

Seriously, while people do appreciate humour and jokes, its not a good idea to have it in every thread on the forum.


I’m always amazed when I see that sarcasm or humor bothers you more than manipulative behavior.

Lee posted the last time 2 years ago. He became aware of the online profiles and he clearly stated he wants to update, that he is interested in exploring the idea of online profiles.

I provided a source of information although I’m not a fan of the online profiles.

While this:

Is a common manipulation technique: make something simple and easy looking terribly technical, complicated, very difficult to do.

And this:

Is another common technique. To claim, between the lines, that a lot of important information is kept hidden from us. So that we have to use what a 3d party wants as to use.

And they all come under the “good shepherd” disguise, the “helping hand” lookalike. What reveals them is the absence of context to the original conversation, out of the blue so to say. I just revealed the plain text and added over exaggeration.

And it doesn’t makes a lot of sense to praise humour while at the same time defining humour by its amount.

Dude, you really need some help, professional one, with regular check ups and follow ups.

I don’t think you are qualified to to be able to judge that unless have an academic education in psychology. There are minimum standards to make an assessment, which you all missed.

On the other hand,this:

is the number one phrase of a manipulation technique called "gaslighting ".