Updated to July 2022 driver version and windows won't recognize simucube 2

I haven’t been on my rig in a few months and sat down to get some laps in the other day. Fired up true drive and it says I had an update. Updated and now I can’t get windows to recognize the wheel at all. Even installed on my laptop and I have the same issue. I’ve spent hours over the past two days and can’t figure this out. I have the base able to power on but no communication with Windows anymore.

Is there anything Simucube related in the Windows Devices screen?

I don’t think I saw anything but I’ll look again.

Can you see any led illuminated on the back of Simucube?

We can debug this a bit, would be the first unit in 3 years to have this sort of issue that directly relates to a fw update.

Please make a support ticket and lets handle it there.


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Screenshot 2022-08-23 064445


I just turned off the SCP2 at the back button and turned it on. It beeped and turned green and then solid blue.


Here is the last message I got. And a message that says port reset failed.

Now it just flashes blue.

Nothing I’ve done has worked. :angry:

Did you make the support ticket?

Yes I did. I just got contacted a few minutes ago. I’m now starting to check the things they listed.