Updated firmware with torque off button pressed


I just realized that the manual stated that the torque off button should be released during the firmware update. My new SC2 pro came without the torque off but I still connected the base to my PC and updated the firmware without attaching a torque off button. Will this cause any issues in the long term (no problem so far)?


No issues. There has just been (twice) a factory installed firmware release that was not able to proceed to firmware update mode if the torque off button was pressed. I think this bug is not present in the current firmware that is installed at the factory.

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Thank you for letting me know this.

Foa congratulations! You bought an amazing, even outstanding Direct Drive wheel.
The torque off button can be a real life saver. I myself maybe had 2 situations in which, without this safety tool , I might have really gotten into trouble. I’m sitting rather close to the steering wheel, and also rather low. I placed my button closer to the pedals, when needed I can hit/push it with my left foot. I have to get out of the rig to unlock it, but that is something I’m happy to accept.
If you watch the video imagine the wheel won’t stop oscillating for whatever reason. That is why I recommend to consider getting a torque off button.