Update froze now can't install firware


We were having problems where the wheel would randomly disconnect mid game when it wasn’t under load (i.e. usually driving in a straight line). It was infrequent. Saw there was an update to 50.4b (was running 50.4). Downloaded firmware, chose to update when prompted and it got stuck so clicked cancel.

Now the problem continues. The bug in the software means that we don’t see the “cancel”/“update” when message prompts that it found device in firmware update mode.

Based on this thread: Simucube Firmware update wizard missing "Cancel" and "Next" buttons! First time setup , I tried 11.2 again with no success. It just says “firmware command failed”.

So thoughts for the next step were to flash ion directly (based on this video for guidance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY903mu91qA) but now have no way to put into the correct mode using Simucube tools and it doesn’t come up in device manager even after installing the recommended EXE drivers, no luck.

Any ideas?


If the upgrade fails, there could be some issue in your PC’s USB connection. Try with other USB ports or another PC, also with another USB cable. If the problem persists, then I would suspect a physical failure of the USB port on the Simucube.

The latest version is 0.50.4d - where did you find that the b version was the latest one? Always use official source:


Thank you for the quick response. Sorry, meant 0.50.4d not b.

There were no USB disconnects during flashing. It got to ~30000/250000. With USB connectivity resolved, will it be able to restore using 0.11.2?


Yes, 0.11.2 can be used to restore, but the issue you are having looks to me like a usb cable/connector/hardware issue.

Thank you, re-seating the USB cable on the board end fixed the problem

Hello, we’re still getting an issue, but re-seating the USB cable didn’t help. We had to power cycle the board.

The below screenshot is after it disconnected mid session