Unsure On What Route To Go Down

Dear community,

This is my first post here so I apologise if this is in the incorrect section of the forum. I have been simracing since around 2014. I am looking to upgrade from my CSW V2.5. I am extremely torn between building my own OSW kit (with Simucube, IONI Pro and Small MiGE) or getting a “pre-built” kit, like the Sim-Plicity SW20 V3, SW25 or SW30 or the VRS Direct Force Pro.

I just wanted people’s honest feedback on the route they would take. I am worried about the long term suppport software-wise ofall three. The Sim-Plicity route is seeminly the cheapest aside from the OSW build, but would an OSW Build be really cheaper to justify the price? The VRS DPF is the most expensive route but seems the most “polished” so to speak.

What are your guys’ advice? Thank you for reading!

Hi. I’m in the same boat as you. I’m going to get a Simucube 2 Sport or Pro and a P1 Eau Rouge wheel.

I don’t think i’ll need to buy another wheelbase in my lifetime after that.

Due to the cost of components I would no longer build an OSW from scratch.
And if you kill a component while building the unit due to static ESD or improper wiring you get to buy that component twice as there will be no warranty.
If you do have a warranty problem you will have to ship that component to Finland for inspection and possible replacement.
The round trip shipping is at your cost. And this is not usually a quick turn around. So you will be without a wheel during that time.

If you want SC1, watch the used market and buy an SC1 that was professionally assembled or by someone who has a good track record in the community.

Since this is a Granite Devices sponsored forum I don’t like to recommend other products, but of the ones you listed the VRS DFP is the best.

If you live in the USA and are close to a Microcenter you can get a Simucube SC2 Pro for $1299 plus whatever your local tax is. That is a very good price! :slight_smile: