Ungrounded Electrical Plug

Hi, quick question.
The power cable I got with my SC2 Sport only has two prongs (not grounded to my understanding).
Is this okay? If not, should I replace the cable or ground the unit some other way?

I ask because of this line in the manual:

  1. Connect power supply/supplies to 110 - 240 V AC outlet with protective earth (PE).

Nir Nave

EU plugs have the grounding at the sides. https://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeF.htm

That’s cool. I Don’t think I have a compatible socket though.

edit: I’m just asking if it’s okay to leave as is or if I should buy another cable

You should replace the cable with one that has the correct plug. They are standard inexpensive cables that are readily available in electrical stores etc.

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