Undervolt issue (ughhh)

Just created a ticket. but so upset

Been running for a few days now, but keep getting an undervolt every so often. at first i thought it was my UPS, so i moved it to a non-backup but surge protected outlet on the UPS. But again got the same undervolt message.
so i moved it to a surge protector so its completely by itself. but i got it again twice this morning. really sucks because when its working its a joy to drive.
but i won’t join any races for feel of ruining someones race and killing my already pathetic IR/SR. i hope there’s a quick resolution. as i have a bunch of time off coming soon

Write a support ticket via simucube.com

i made 2712 earlier
thanks Mika

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Mika and team.
Thank you all for being so responsive. I woke up this morning to a mail stating there could be an issue with the power supply and to send all my info in for replacement. While it sucks to know something isn’t right with a big purchase like this. It is sure a breathe of fresh air when a company and its people work hard to make things right.

thank you again and please share my gratitude with the team!

just received the replacement. i checked the voltage on the old vs new just for sanity.
old 47.6
new 48.4

i’ll test it out for a couple of days and report back. Again, appreciate the assistance of your team at Simucube. TY!