Under voltage at high strength and also losing centre

Hello I have a simucube 1 and when I run the force high I keep getting an under volatge error if I keep it to about 70% it is fine but the last 2 days in iRacing I keep losing the wheel centre what ever angle i have the wheel turned when this happens becomes the new centre point for my wheel any info on this please

What kind of setup do you have - which PSU, what MCC and MMC parameters, and what FUV setting?

I’m sorry I have no idea what that is the psu is Augury how would I find out the MCC and MMC parameters? The wheel is 18nm MIGE

Dose this help

Have you contacted Augury support about this issue? It seems that the servo configuration is wrong, it draws too much current from the PSU which causes the issues you are having.

We do not know which PSU Augury is using in this unit, so it would be better to ask them.

Thank you I will contact them