Under voltage argon granite device problem

Hello everybody ,
yesterday without any warning and the ffb disappeared in the base, the LEDs in the back of the argon signal an error code “Under voltage”. I connected to argon through the Granite software and it gave me the following problems:

○ GPI 1
○ GPI 2
○ GPI 3
○ GPI 4
● GPI 5
● HSIN 1
● HSIN 2
○ ANA1 as digital
○ ANA2 as digital
○ Hall U
○ Hall V
● Hall W

● Soft enable
● Phys enable
○ Pos feed enable
○ Neg feed enable
○ Home switch
○ Clear faults

Analog in 1 -0.04 V
Analog in 2 -0.04 V
Analog Enc A 0.88 V
Analog Enc B 0.88 V

○ Initialized
● Error recovering
● Tracking error warn
○ Target reached
● Enabled
○ Run
○ Homing active
● Braking
○ Permanent stop
○ Voltages good
● Fault stopped
○ STO active

HV bus voltage 6.6 VDC
Output current 0.00 A
Velocity feedback 0
Position feedback 297
Setpoint value 0

○ Tracking error
○ Over velocity
○ Hardware
○ Over temperature
○ Feedback
○ Over current
○ Internal comm error
○ Power stage forced off
● Under voltage
○ Over voltage
○ Motion range
○ Firmware error
○ Init
○ Motion
○ SimpleMotion

Fault location ID 1 0 ?
Fault location ID 2 0 ?

Debug 1 0
Debug 2 0
Debug 3 0
Debug 4 300
Debug 5 -1
Debug 6 -1

I checked the resistance but it looks good.

What should I do to restore the base?
would I solve the problems by reinstalling the firmware?

Thanks to all of you …

Hi Giuseppe

Please first follow these instructions.

Most common reasons for Argon under voltage fault are either burned R7 or stuck RL2. Since you already checked the resistor (I’m assuming it’s the R7 you checked), please turn on the system and listen if there’s two relay clicks. If not, then the RL2 is stuck.

Firmware update will not have any effect to this.

Kind regards,

Thanks ESA for your answer …
Later I will test the R7 … could you tell me which is the RL2 relay? … I can’t locate it
kind regards

Hi Giuseppe

The RL2 is marked with blue in the attached picture.

It’s possible to get the relay moving again by connecting 5-9 Vdc to the coil pins multiple times. The relay is specifed to be driven with 5 VDC so if you use higher voltage, please be sure that the contact is short to prevent overheating and overloading.

The coil pins are pins A1 and A2 marked in this image:

Kind regards,

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Hi Esa,
today I try to change the resistance R7. The relay to try is the white one right? between A1 and A2 is there positive and negative?

solved by changing the resistance R7. Thank you so much for your help, I would never have arrived without you. thank you so much


Hi Giuseppe

Good to hear that the problem is solved!

Kind regards,