Uncontrollable shaking back and forth

I have a simucube pro 2.Have not changed any settings and all the sudden my wheel starts shaking uncontrollably back and forth. Changing force-feedback doesn’t matter. Please help!

Could you upload a video?

Hi Greg,
As a test, put 15-20% filters to damping, friction and inertia.

Let us see if this stops it, we can go from there.


Here is a link to a video of the issues.

I already have the filters set at those levels. This is frustrating because it’s unusable. Is there a way to get formal technical support from simucube?

Please show me a screenshot of the filter settings on your true-drive profile tab….

Here is the picture

Which sims this happening in, Greg? IRacing and/or others? Just trying to get a feel for what the issue might be.

Iracing is the only sim I am using currently

Have you tried matching your bump stop range to match your steering range ?
You have 900 steering and 360 bump stop maybe it’s bouncing off the bump stops.

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hi i got the same issue how did u fix it, im only playing iracing