Unable to remove QR and slight notchiness SC2 Pro

Hi all,

I’ve had my SC2 Pro a couple of months now and when switched off I note that the resistance when spinning the hub is not constant, at points it feels like it is almost sticking, very very slightly, is this normal? I’d like to think it’s just the magnets in the motor perhaps?

The other issue I have is that I was trying to remove the hub from the shaft. I’ve removed the 3 bolts that attach the QR and then the 4 bolts within the clamping system, but the hub does not want to budge at all.

I saw in Barry Roland’s video that it just slid off without any force. Could this indicate an issue with my unit, something being out of spec?



In the hub, there are two extra holes where there were no bolts originally. Installing a bolt to those holes will force the assembly to pop apart.

Excellent, thank you, I’ll give that a go after work!

With regards to the feeling of the shaft rotation, is that normal or should it feel completely smooth throughout?

Its difficult to say. There are always some magnets that can be felt on the motor if the device is unpowered, and that is completely normal. What matters is that the torque is smooth when no game is running - test on desktop with desktop centering spring enabled?