Unable to load bootloader.dfu on new Simucube 1 build

I am having an issue writing the simucube-bootloder.dfu file using Dfusedemo to a new Simucube board. On my first attempt on my Windows 10 PC, the PC crashed with an error related to the USB driver for the Simucube, and now the Simucube board will only be recognized as a USB device if the board is set manually to dfu mode using the dfu dip switch.

I have since found out from one of the previous threads, that there is a potential USB issue with the motherboard in my PC, an Asus X99, which may explain the crash.

I am now using a very basic HP PC running windows 10 to try an load the bootloader, but I am getting the error ‘Bad state machine in firmware’ from Dfusedemo, and the Simucube board has to be power cycled for it to be recognized by Dfusedemo again. Sometimes Dfusedemo will lock up as well and has to be restarted.

Here is a screen shot of Device Manager, Dfusedemo and the error screen:

Does anybody have any suggestions of what I can try next?

Thanks for your help.

Try to update the STM Device driver in Device Manager. A new driver should be in the DfuSeDemo installation folder.

I’ve just updated the driver using the X64 driver in the Program Files(X86) STMicroelectonics etc etc Bin Win10 folder (I’m assuming this is the one to use?), but no change when attempting to write the bootloader - the Simucube appears to be recognized by Windows in DFU Mode before and after updating the driver.

Try with a different USB port in your PC.

I just tried a couple of different USB ports but no change. Could the firmware on the ioni board been corrupted when my PC crashed during the bootloader write, and cause an issue?

Also just tried using an old Windows 7 X64 Laptop to load the bootloader, but got the same error in Defuse, and Simucube appears to be recognized correctly in Device Manager

you are programming the Simucube board, not IONI.

Perhaps the flash on Simucube has become somehow corrupted. I know it can be reset via a debugger.

Ok, I’ll do some research and let you know how it goes.

Thanks for your help