Unable to go straight

I got my SC2 Pro some days ago. It’s now mounted on my rig and I was ready to give it a go. I loaded the default iRacing profile, lowered the overall strength and started the sim. When in the car there is a very strong force which prevents the wheel from centering. So when i make a left turn, the wheel wants to go to the left more and more. Same on the right side. It is very hard for me to go straight. Right at the center the force “inverts” to the other side. Its like a inverted center spring. It does not want to stay centered.

I checked different profiles, it’s the same on all profiles.
Did anybody else experience some similar issues? What did I miss?

Thank you guys.

For iRacing it is very strange to do that… maybe you have some iracing app.ini setting set up to invert FFB? look at app.ini, under [Force Feedback] section, parameter invertFFBForce=0 should be correct.


Thank you so much Mika. It was exactly this setting. No idea how that got in there.