Unable to connect Simucube with DFuSeDemo

I am unable to connect my Simucube to DFuSeDemo to install the firmware.
I don’t even know if it’s in DFU mode or not.
Green IONI LED blinks Long-LONG-SHORT

I was able to connect to the Simucube via Granity and update the IONI pro firmware.
Now on 1.7.18 from 1.7.17

There is nothing listed in the drop down for “Available DFU Devices”

Initially had a USB driver issue but install the manufacturer driver and works OK.

Tried several USB ports on my PC.

My hardware configuration:
-Small MIGE

  • 1.7.18
  • DIP Switched set away from the edge of the PCB

Is there a STM32 Bootloader device visible via DfuSeDemo when you are connected with the X3 USB port?

No nothing there as I said under Available DFU Devices it is blank.
DfuSe Demo version 3.0.6

Did you install the drivers for the STM32 Bootloader device from the DfuSeDemo installation directory?

No, I didn’t know they were there so I used the FTDI drivers;

yeah, the FTDI virtual com port drivers are for the other USB port (X4) for configuring IONI drive via Granity. Windows 10 supplies them automatically.

In that case, Windows had trouble with the driver (X4), there was an exclamation on device manager.
Only way to get rid of it was grabbing those FTDI drivers.

Now it looks like X3 is not working?
I hear Windows acknowledge the device when plugged in but no device is added under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” or under “Ports (COM & LPT)” .
Do the DIP switched matter?

Aha, found the device under “Sound, video and game controllers” as “Guillemot STM DFU Device”
Still DfuSe Demo does not see anything.
I try manually pointing this device to the driver in DfuSe directory but Windows insists that the best driver is installed.

That Guillemog driver is likely a leftover from some Thrustmaster device. You will need to force the generic Stm32 driver to install somehow.

By plugging in the Thrustmaster joystick I’ve managed to trick device manager to change the driver for the Simucube. I have no idea if it will go back though.

Bootloader has been loaded and installed firmware to 0.11.2.
Updated firmware to 0.50.4d via Simucube Configuration Tool.

Next step?

As I feared, the drivers have now reverted to something else after the firmware installs. I cannot connect to the simucube now.
Device manager has renamed the USB ports to “HID-compliant game controller” under “Human Interface Devices” for X3 and “USB Serial Port” under "Ports (COM & LPT) for X4
I can’t seem to get Windows to use another driver after pointing to the INF files.
Granity lists 9 different “Unknown Device Type” when I press “connect to drive”.

Wow, this is frustrating.
Maybe using another computer but only have a MacBook. No mac OS version of DfuSe Demo?

If you installed Simucube firmware, you should be able to use the Simucube Configuration Tool now. And the Granity access you will need to click the “Enable IONI USB Configuration” button in Simucube Configuration Tool now.

Thanks Mika,

Yes I think I’ve managed to do this now. Somehow I was using an old version of Sumucube Config tool. Set Enable IONI USB and now recognised in Granity devices. UG firmware to latest prompted by Config Tool. Config tool now sees firmware and status of wheel and sees E-Stop function OK. Loaded BISS-C config from SimtechRacing.
I am not sure the motor parameters are correct but are probably close.
I will need to see if it’s all recognised in games now!