Ultimate getting very hot

In the last week or so my less then year old ultimate gets very hot very quickly is there any trouble shooting I can do I don’t want to harm the wheel base :frowning:

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Have there been any changes to your setup recently (ie the version of truedrive)
If you turn it on, but don’t run any software does it get hot?
If you turn it on, run truedrive, but no sim racing titles, does it get hot?

I did update my firmware last night after I noticed it getting hot and no it is cool until I drive today under 20 laps at Watkins it was very hot to the touch

So it was hot on old firmware and now on this current firmware also and room temp is prob 22 deg c

Can you show your FFB settings and the car&track? And also in-game settings.

Iracing F3 let me take some setting pics for thanks for the help guys

Hi rkorolak!
Is ist possible that you click a single time on Strenght to get the Value in Nm? That will help a lot!

54nm when I click on it

I’m not an expert in Iracing, my account is also currently retired. However, if I understood that correctly, it means that the game at 54Nm InGame should give your Simucube2 U 100% power in one direction. If you set this value too low, your Simucube will always run under full load. Which would explain your problem. But it looks good at first glance.

Have you ever tried a higher value? For example 100Nm, so that the wheelbase is definitely not challenged! If it still gets too hot, wait for Mika.

Have the Ultimate myself and only know “the problem” in DirtRally 2.0, so it got noticeably warm, close to hot. But that’s because of the fast left / right control commands from the game engine.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help!

Max you don’t want to set strength to 100NM in iRacing the wheel will be clipping and you will lose alot of FFB Detail.
In iRacing the higher the NM % the lower the force.

54NM strength/overall force is likely a pretty good setting.
Of course all depends on what car and track.

Wasn’t that the other way around? If you set the Max Force to a high value, then you have a weak FFB and no clipping. And if you set the Max Force very low, then you have a very strong FFB and a lot of clipping!

Anyway. The idea I had was that he sets himself a very weak FFB and tries to see if the “thermal problems” are the same. The current that flows through the windings of the motor is then very low and should no longer be hot.

Question to Ron: Can’t you touch the engine anymore? Because wherever electrical current flows, there is also heat. For example, I can get my Ultimate, estimated, without any problems at 40°C -50°C. That’s normal temperature for a motor.

Are you sure that’s normal for it to get that hot? I can touch the case but it is very hot I’ll have to buy a temp gun I never remember this thing getting more then warm before?

I am 100% sure! If you can touch the motor without any problems, that’s absolutely normal temperature for such an motor.

I once installed motors between two heated tanks for the Shell Company. You couldn’t touch the floor because the oil always has to be heated so that it remains liquid and can therefore be pumped out more easily. I broke there in the summer, one of my worst work experiences, the motors for the pumps didn’t care!


This is not exactly for our motor, but with 40-50°C we would still be at the bottom. In addition, I just checked out of interest. At 40°C the surface feels very very hot, at 50°C you will burn yourself. So our motors will probably have 30-40°C.

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If you can feel the motor as being very hot but you can still keep your hand on it without getting uncomfortable, then it is less than 50 degrees celcius.

Automatic reaction from the nerve system, “get your hands of right away” reaction, starts to be effective at around 55 degrees.

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That fit to my resaults!

If your Ultimate does not get over 70 degrees when it can get natural convection cooling in a room where the temperature is max 30 degrees Celsius, eg. it is not covered with anything preventing that from happening (which it should not be), then your wheelbase is very likely working normally. However, if you get it close to 70 degrees, it has to be used with high torque settings with quite long time period.

So, when people say “very hot” it should be atleast over 55 degrees or more than 60 degrees so that it actually feels so hot that a person really can’t keep their hand on it for long. The device surface temperature should not go over 70 degrees if the surrounding air temp is max 30 degrees, however, any degradation to the wheelbase should not happen when it is less than 85 degrees Celsius. The motor itself in the product should be able to handle temperatures up to 125 degrees without any issues (to the magnets, bearings and coils) if my memory serves.


Okay I’ve never noticed it getting this hot so I thought something is wrong also seems to run hotter if I run vjoy and irffb is that normal?

Vjoy and iRFFB do not affect heat generation. It is possible that you have overall stronger forces as irFFB smoothing filter filters out spikes.

Okay I was worried maybe I had to setting fighting each other I’m getting a inferred heat gun to check the surface temps tonight after work and will report back

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