UE4 + Simucube 2

Hi I am developing a small racing videogame using Unreal Engine and I want to use Simcube 2 as input for it.
Is there any specific recommendation to do it? I assume the input should be fairly easy to setup for a basic game, but what about constant forces, spring and asphalt FFB?
Hope my question was clear, thank you! :slight_smile:

As far as we know, there are some third party addons to UE that allow FFB to be used, but none of them are very good and all racing games that use UE, have developed interfaces / wrappers to DirectInput on their own.

Thank you for your answer. Would you be able to name these addons for UE? I did some research but I haven’t find nothing useful.
So it might not be that good but I believe for a simple game it can be enough, it’s not a sim

At least this one: