Two realy big "annoying" things to me


Hello dear Granite Family,

i own the Simucube 2 Pro with the Ascher Wireless Wheel some days now and i realy have two big issues which are driving me crazy.

Shortcut to me: 35yo - man - 20years Simracer - now only racing in iracing - 12Nm Torque max

First problem: Enable full torque every restart of wheel or PC.

Can you please add the option to enable this forever? I am living alone here, nobody will ever touch my wheel instead of me and i realy dont want open the software everytime before i want to start a fast race in iRacing.

Second: This beeping sounds every 2 Minutes when you dont touch the wheel

When i am here and waiting for the next race or doing a small break, i realy dont want to turn off the base every time. BUT i have to do so, becouse if not, this realy loud beep sounds are getting on my nerves. I allready made the audible notifications and Hands on detection off, and still i have those sounds.

Please let me turn off any beeps with one click

i love your wheel and its quality, but i wanted to have a nice and easy solution in DD. Actually with all this safety restrictions it maybe be better to buy the older version if you dont want to feel like a child^^


You can disable the idle beep by using the torque off button.

We might adjust the delay it detects idle at, and there might something coming up for game hall etc usage. But not high on list of things todo. But it is on the list.


okay thanks for the info mika, and what about the durable full torque release?


I’ve written an Autohotkey script that starts TrueDrive and automatically clicks, drags and clicks to enable high torque mode. I use DisplayFusion to make sure it always opens in the same location.

I won’t release it as I understand why GD want the disclaimer there, have a look at MouseClick and MouseDrag in Autohotkey and you can do it fairly easily.



I agree with this, its so annoying, my old MMOS was so much easier to use, once set never had to go back in and touch the software, not to mention running it steals 10-15 percent of your cpu power. why is it necessary, we already signed disclaimers when i installed the software and i’m pretty sure there is a statement in the product discloser when i bought it too.

Need a way to disable this.


agree about the torque mode. @Mika is it also normal if you do a pc restart with the sc2 on that TD looses conection with sc2 and you need to restart sc2 every time you restart your pc so TD can pick up the signal again?


There is a known issue in the firmware regarding usb connections, and we are fixing it soon.


I second this, i do not have the base yet but it would be one of my my first actions to get rid of this beeps.


I concur to make a “global accept” checkbox or some method of not having to enable high torque mode every single time. Since we train our users in person on most occasions, I can assure you this will be perceived as annoying by casual users and savvy users alike. People like tech that “just works”…they want to boot up the sim and go with the least amount of steps.

We used to require a safety acknowledgement every time our customer would start their SimCraft motion systems…and due to the annoyance and feedback, added a “global accept” of the acknowledgement. Praises from our customers followed this very simple change.


We have taken note of this feedback, but we must be very careful about any potential liability issues, especially in the US market. Lets see what we can figure out…


Thanks mika dont worry ill sign anything lol