Two Questions - Antenna and Power


A couple stupid questions…

I don’t have a wireless wheel, is it OK to not attach the antenna? I know with some wireless devices, it can cause damage to power them on without the antenna attached. Was hoping to be able to remove my antenna, I keep hitting it when turning my SC2 Pro on/off. Which leads me to my next question…

What is best practice with the power switch? If I’m not going to be using it for a day - power it off completely? Hit the emergency stop button?

Thanks for the help!

Not running the antenna can significantly affect the Range and quality of the signal so it would not be recommended, however, I do not believe that powering on without the antenna on any device would cause damage as such because they are usually not connected in such manner that would cause an issue.

Thanks! I don’t have a wireless wheel so no concerns about signal strength. I just wanted to make sure that not having an antenna attached wouldn’t cause any damage in case I eventually get a wireless wheel.

Ran my Ultimate without the antenna for months, never a problem.