Turning on on my SC2 Pro PSUs blows my fuse

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i have my PSUs plugged in a switchable power strip.
In this power strip are my pc, my monitor, my sc2 PSUs and my HTC Vive HMD plugged in.

When i turn this power strip on then immediatly my fuse turns off.

The Fuse is B16. The power strip is designed for 4500amps

When i plug the PSUs elsewhere i have no problem.

Hi Revan

Please note, that practically all PSU’s hoard quite high currents when they are turned on. For example, the SDR PSU used with simucube 1 has inrush current of 80A when used with 230 VAC mains voltage. And e.g. toroidal transformer can have inrush current of 56 times the nominal current.

Personally I have had this issuse at home where I have two 12V PSU’s connected to a single power strip. One has 15A output current, the other 5A. If the smalle is connected when turning the strip on, the 10A fuse for the room blows every time.

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I had the same problem.
For me that was the solution:

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The SC2 Pro has a maximum operating current (as displayed by True Drive) of 22A. Starting current will be several times higher. Your B16 fuse is rated for 16A. It’s quite obvious why the fuse blows.

It’s the same situation you’d have with a relatively powerful vacuum cleaner.

I’d suggest plugging in the SC2 into it’s own power outlet, rather than in a strip with a lot of other hardware.

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Please note, that the current that SC2 Ultimate uses is completely different story, than what is supplied from the mains. 16A at 230Vrms gives ~3.7 kW, where 48V*22A = 1 kW. In electronics, power is transferred, not current nor voltage as such.

The 3.7 kW could be transformed (in ideal world) into 1 V and 3700 A, and the power stays the same, and this wouldn’t blow the 16 A fuse at the 230Vrms line.

Servo motor drives can be seen as highly sophisticated buck type three phase switching mode power supplies (transformer). This is why from, say 48V 2A PSU 20A can be driven into the motor at low rpm. The voltage is low and driven power is withing PSU capability.

The issue in this case is the fact, that practiaclly all electronic devices have much higher inrush current when they are turned on, than what is their nominal current consumption.

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Yeah, for me too. Works well for me, thanks


It is a reason why I chose the Sport, the Pro is twice as hungry and my electrical installation could suffer a bit