Tuning motor cogging - still there after exit

I used Granity to tune out motor cogging, get incredibly smooth wheel in Granity. I save & apply changes all gd. When i quit Granity the wheel has slight cogs or notches back. Same when i return SC to game mode & turn wheel in game. While it’s not so noticeable under way, it’s just that I know how smooth it could under power in the Granity. I tried variying the polarity and magnitude of the adj but cogging only wrose compared to the optimum setting.

Do you run the same FFB filter settings in Granity as in Simucube Configuration Tool?
Which motor do you have? Mige motors have so little cogging that it is not really of any benefit to tune it out.

Mige130ST-M10010 48VDC 480W (but 2500 ppr encoder, trying to source Biss-c from Mige this perhaps the issue?) I hadn’t touched filters in Granity thinking they were set/loaded from Simucube. I redid last night and stand corrected, initially I thought it was smoother in Granity but there remains the slightest, just perceptible motor cogging even in Granity. I think after trying TRA1 values (positive and negative, varying magnitudes) and feeling bad cogging it was relative and it remains the same both in Granity & out.

I compared my drc to one from SRB for similar 480W small Mige, the biggest discrepancy I found was kvp, it was 300 mine 1400 (my wheel tends to oscillate if let go), but when I reduced kvp it just seemed all messed up, too heavy, so I changed back.
Mark_settings_7_2023.drc (9.5 KB)

settings.drc (9.4 KB)

try if this helps.

Do I need to worry about different Granity ver i.e. mine is 1.15.3, 11503 so the line items are slightly different @item 19 mine introduces HAO which then puts them out of syc with that one that doesn’t have HAO?

only thing that matters are the parameter addresses in the DRC file.

just to check , not that it matters a lot , but do you have the latest simucube firmware ?

yes 1.0.40 and IONI 1.7.21

IONI 1.7.21 is not recommended for Simucube use, you will hit troubles with that if you get a BiSS-C encoder eventually. I recommend downgrade to the version that comes with the Simucube firmware.

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