Tuner app white and stuck off screen

Hey again,

I jumped in my rig earlier and noticed the SC Tuner app for the pedals was off screen and white. I could not get it to come back onto my screen. When I would click it on the task bar, I could see the animation opening the window off the side of my monitor. The only reason I knew it was white was because the alt-tab menu showed it as a white screen with the name of the Profile I had as default.

I tried using windows + shift + arrow keys to direct it back, but it was just in a weird stuck state.

I then completely wiped the app and reinstalled it. No dice. Rebooted. Still no dice.

What finally fixed it for me was using whatever the windows snapping system was. I drug a browser window to the left of my screen to place it on the left half. Then it pops up this menu asking you what window you would like to put on the right side of the screen. I chose the tuner.

As soon as it snapped it into place, I saw it go from a white screen that just said Emtpy Profile, to the colorful green and orange I am familiar with, and then immediately it was stuck again because the Firmware Update screen was forcing me to update.

Very strange. Just a theory, but its like the firmware update modal was causing weird issues with the window placement itself.

Just thought I would mention it in case anyone else has this issue.