TrueDrive weirdness, deselects and scrolls down? video included

Had this for a while now, see video. Very weird!

Any ideas?

You need quick fingers to type before TD scrolls on its own

Or revert firmware to 2020.something

Or make the window tall enough.

As we are removing this profile management system very soon, there is no need to fix it. I did some debugging and the fault is in the Qt UI library somewhere, possibly caused by a widget size recalculation for some reason.

I did mention this issue a few weeks back. Only way to adjust wheel rotation at the moment is to make true drive full screen and then click the up and down arrows to change the rotation

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Aha ok, that workaround is fine. :slight_smile:

You mean online management everyone is so eagerly looking forward?
Can we please have stable 2020.10 wirh the patch for wireless. That version has the least problems otherwise.


Actually by looking at FW release notes, the only somewhat critical one after 2020.10 was “bumpstop fix” in 2021.1, everything else are fixes for what was broken in consecutive releases.

Bumpstop behavior fix

  • Changed bumpstops to avoid issue where the bumpstop force could be overcome by game-generated FFB in some cases.

If we can just add this patch to 2020.10, that would be ideal for a stable baseline version.

Thanks Mika

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We are working on getting some lingering stability issue in the servo drive firmware solved, so we can release a stable Early Access version for our summer holidays in two weeks.

We do not have resources to maintain multiple code branches. It would not be wise to begin doing that now.

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We are only asking for safety critical patch for 2020.10, that’s it.
Check out 2020.10 branch, apply relevant patch, release. Everyone is happy back to racing and you can focus on your EA without any pressure from the end users.
In all honesty there are just too many disruptions and breakages brought by these new features of somewhat questionable for most relevance.
Just look at the release notes since 2020.10 to see what exactly you were doing last year and how much us as users actually benefited from that uphill battle of yours.


But we haven’t yet revealed even 10% of the work we have done since 2020.10 was released…

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That’s the scariest part, we only find that something was changed when it gets reverted in consecutive release so it shows up in release notes or we start getting some odd behavior in TD.


I had exactly the same …you need to open the app full screen that is all !!!

Same boat for a while now…Became a magician to do the trick… :smile: