Truedrive Settings for Silver Raw AMS2


I have recently imported Silver Raw into AMS2 and was wondering if anyone has a solid Truedrive profile to go with the custom FFB settings.


I am interested in this also. Been using the Silver Raw 46 for a while and its been great. The new hotfix for AMS2 has made the FFB feel a bit off, so lets see what you guys are using.

These files don’t need almost any filtering, imho, in fact I feel they are much better without and the filters will dull them down for no reason (the files were developed using the SC2, so it makes sense).

I am using:

recon: 1
torque bandwidth limit: 2200hz or sometimes unlimited. I don’t remember if it feels different really.
damping: 0
friction: 0
inertia: 0
slew rate: off
ultra low latency mode: off

SC2 Pro - Driving the Formula 3 at Silverstone Classic and I like these settings in TD.

Overall Strength 70% (17.6nm)
Steering Range 1080
Recon Filter 3
Recon Filter 3300Hz (not sure I feel any difference here when set at 2200 or even unlimited)
Damping & Friction OFF
Inertia 22%
SFR 10%
Everything else as off or as set already.